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Killer work man!!!
DarkBlack315 Nov 20, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
A fan till the end  these are epic :batman: Superman Tempo Slice by OSK-studio Amando Super Smiley
BMGrafico Oct 30, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
I like your style very much!!! Im a fan of you!! hahaha

Greetings from Argentina.
you rock you rock you facking realy rock you rules men
Can you do a commission for me that would be the most best thing ever! Pleas please.! I am sorry i am screaming right now you do not know how exciting for me! :iconmeeloplz:
ToddNauck Dec 3, 2012  Professional
Thanks for the post and interest in my commissioned art!
My commission list is closed at the time. I have a few requests I need to take care of first amidst my current work deadlines. So I'm not taking new requests just yet.
I can add your name and email to a list of those interested in getting a commission if you'd like. When I open the list back up, I will have info on art size and prices.
We can then discuss what you would want (pencils, pencils/inks, extra characters, detailed backgrounds, etc).

Thank you so much!
Nonono thank you can you comment on one of my pieces? That would be AMAZING!!! Di d you actually draw the teen titans?:)
dude your a famous comic book artist i have seen your art on comicvine your amazing how did you get into the comic book industry because its a dream job of mine
RJW225 Feb 6, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
I miss your DC Comics stuff! Is there a reason that it's all seemed to disappear from your web site and here?

I'm a huge fan of your YJ work and was just wondering why there isn't more of that time period reflected in your gallery.

LOTS of respect and admiration for your work!!

All the very best regards,

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